E-Phone Emergency Call Box


The E-Phone is designed as a compact wireless emergency phone solution. Post and wall mounting options make the E-Phone an ideal choice for securing areas with limited space.

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Solar Power

Sunlight provides all the power this emergency phone needs. In combination with a battery back up, CASE products feature up to 10 days of autonomy.

AC power option available.

Stainless Steel Housing

1/8" of steel protects the ephone in all directions. Zinc plating improves the corrosion resistance.

Blue Strobe

A bright blue strobe illuminates the surrounding area while the phone is in use, helping authorities quickly locate the distress area from afar.


CASE products feature proprietary software which enables the phone to check into the maintenance system on a regular basis. With Liftkeeper, you will always know the operational status of your emergency phone network.

Add-on Features

Faceplate camera addon feature

Faceplate Camera

Snaps pictures of call box users. Images and audio files are sent to your server for later review.

Product Sheet


  • E-Phone AC Power at LAX


    Los Angeles, CA

  • E-Phone wall mounted at MiraCosta College

    MiraCosta College

    Oceanside, CA

  • E-Phone at Texas State parking lot

    Texas State

    San Marcos, TX

Technical Information

engineering drawing for E-Phone
Height: 10' 8" (with panel)
9' (without panel)
Width: 10.5"
Depth: Weight: 182 lbs with battery
Battery (Standard)
Voltage: 12 V
Capcity: 17 Ah
Weight: 14 lbs
Solar Panel (Standard)
Power (Peak): 20.0 W
Voltage (Peak): 16.5 V
Current (Peak): 1.22 Amps
Weight: 13.0 lbs
Voltage: 110 V or 120 V
Product Sheet

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