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CASE, expands call box functionality
Today, CASE call box operations include the maintenance of more than 10,000 public safety call boxes in California and another 4,000 call boxes installed across the United States, including approximately 1,000 units owned by the New York Police Department.

CASE Systems has developed a reputation as a proven and reliable design, build, and maintenance service provider for the public safety industry. Transportation agencies, public works departments and 511 programs also use the CASE call box products and systems to offer additional traveler information services for the driving public.

CASE, expands call box functionality
CASE Satellite-Based Call Box

CASE Call Boxes

Made in America and eco-friendly, CASE call boxes are quick to install, easy to maintain and are designed to readily adapt to changing technology advancements, which extends their life and enhances their capabilities. Our systems are compatible with ADA Standards for Accessible Design regulations and are available in any color.
CASE call boxes can be converted to Solar or AC power, wireless (CDMA, GSM, and Satellite) wireline and TTY communication through our interchangeable subsystems without the need to replace existing hardware. Our call box products can be connected to the following cellular technologies: CDMA 800 & 1900 MHz, and GSM 850, 1900 and (900 MHz - Europe).

Standard Call Box

With CASE's call boxes, everybody has access to a cellular telephone. Our call boxes are easy to install, secure to operate, and feature reliable cellular connections. The standard call box is also available in a landline version. CASE’s call box meets ADA guidelines.

TTY Call Box

After 10 years of developing the standard call box, CASE’s TTY call box broadens accessibility standards, and offers communication for the deaf/hearing impaired and speech-impaired user, thus providing service at everyone's fingertips. The TTY call box exceeds ADA guidelines. The electro-luminescent screen can provide foreign language text, and can also depict international symbols.

Hands Free Call Box

The hands-free call box was designed for use in areas where vandalism is of great concern. The product has the same features and functionality as our standard call box product, but does not include the handset unit.

Iridium® Satellite-Based Call Box

The CASE Satellite Phone Call Box looks and performs like a standard solar powered cellular call box, but provides satellite communications. The Iridium Everywhere system provides voice communications anywhere in the world, giving CASE the ability to use their proven call box applications far beyond the reach of terrestrial-based networks.

Call Box Specifications

Solar powered, with battery backup, CASE call boxes are designed to be easily installed on a standard pole.
    Standard Call Box
  • Call Box
    Height: 19" at center
    Width: 15" handle to hinge
    Depth: 11.5" including back plate
    Weight: 46.5 lbs including transceiver
  • Pole (Standard)
    Height: 14'
    Diameter: 4" O.D.
    Weight: 141 lbs
  • Solar Panel (Standard)
    Power (Peak): 20.0 W
    Voltage (Peak): 16.5 V
    Current (Peak): 1.22 Amps
    Weight: 13.0 lbs
  • Foundations (Non Auger)
    Depth: 38.25"
    Diameter: 4.0" O.D.
    Weight: 60 lbs
  • Battery (Standard)
    Voltage: 12 V
    Capacity: 17 Ah
    Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Foundations (Auger)
    Depth: 3.5'
    Diameter: 4" O.D.
    Helix: 12"
    Weight: 80 lbs
CASE, expands call box functionality