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CASE, expands call box functionality
CASE Systems has teamed with TrafficCast International to develop the Bluetooth® Call Box (BCBX™) system, enhancing public safety and mobility on the nation’s congested roadways.

In addition to supporting call box motorist aid programs throughout the country, CASE also provides installation, integration, and maintenance services for over 10,000 call boxes. Therefore, adding the BCBX system to an existing 511 traveler information service and motorist aid program creates the opportunity to easily implement a complete turnkey Traveler Information System with the assurance that the system will be well maintained by the same qualified and skilled technicians who maintain existin call box systems. In most cases upgrade of the BCBX units can be implemented without the need for new permits.

CASE, expands call box functionality
CASE BCBX Santa Barbara, CA Call Box

CASE Bluetooth Call Boxes (BCBX™)

The convergence of wireless call box and Bluetooth device monitoring technologies integrates the proven Bluetooth® detection technology (BlueTOAD™) developed by TrafficCast International with CASE’s powerful communications capabilities.

    Wireless communications combined with data collection
  • Better value for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications.
  • Enhance existing freeway call box functionality.
  • Boost ROI for DOT's, public works and 511 programs.
BCBX Call Box

The BCBX system is integrated into existing call boxes taking advantage of local power and communications systems, wireless cellular data connection and solar panel, or existing electrical infrastructure. The BlueTOAD unit is a compact circuit board, which is housed in the BCBX. Once installed, the CASE call box begins collecting and relaying data immediately, sending a distinctive hardware identifier to TrafficCast, where it is paired with another BCBX node location. These devices send anonymous MAC addresses, sensor location, and timestamp data back to a customer application and TrafficCast servers over the CASE call box wireless cellular data network.

BCBX Configuration

The addition of the CASE BCBX system to your service offering provides a cost-effective traveler information system to compliment your existing traveler aid program.

    BlueTOAD System Advantages
  • TrafficCast proven algorithms for filtering and processing data inputs to compute real-time Travel Times and Speeds.
  • Speeds/Travel Times updated in real-time on a secure web “Dashboard” and Speed Maps.
  • XML schema is available for third-party integration such as an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), agency website, or Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) software control.
  • Secure web interface for generating statistical and analytical Reports covering, Speeds, Speed Alarms, Travel Times, Origin/Destination, Level of Service, and before and after comparisons.
  • Real-time monitoring of device status and performance.
CASE, expands call box functionality
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